beanbags by sackit

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag


The Italian company Dolomite is known for their crispy clothes collections. Now their stores and show rooms will be spiffed up with bean bags. Actually they are so cool-looking, that several large brands, e.g. Carlsberg, have already ordered Brandbags. Are you considering buying Brandbags, we will be happy to lend you this one. That will convince you for sure.

Dolomite sækkestol
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Sushi Sushi

"Sashimi, Nigiri, Maki, Futomaki, Gyoza, Dragon rolls, Temaki" – sound like the names of seven samurais, but are actually some of the delicious choices you get looking at the Sushi Sushi menu. We are absolutely thrilled with the clear-cut signal the customised bean bags will send out in Sushi Sushi restaurants in the future.

Fisherman's funky friend

With wrapping shaped as a tiny little bean bag, Fisherman’s Friend was absolutely perfect for a customised Brandbag design. The super cool bean bags can be used as prices, for store displays, at sponsored events or as Christmas gifts for employees and business partners.

fishermans friend sækkestol sækkestol

Ship packages from home to destinations anywhere in the world. That is the concept of And that is why it makes perfect sense to use a bean bag as a super crispy giveaway. Lean back and enjoy the comfort of your new bean bag as you ship your package from your favorite spot in front of the fireplace.

Ibsens Fabrikker

Ibsen is the king of advertising gimmicks and supplies major Danish brands with everything from mascots to hot air balloons and large figurines in fibreglass. And of course his range of products also includes Brandbags. Ibsens Fabrikker was even the first ever to get a customised corporate bean bag - of course in the most complicated and demanding design with multicoloured illustrations.

sækkestol til Ibsens Fabrikker

Free mockup

Would you like to see how your corporate brand translates into bean bag design? Mail your company logo in vector format (AI, eps or pdf), and we will give you a free mockup that shows you what a super cool corporate bean bag you can get.

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