Brandbag label

We really do love those bags

We hate to see your advertising budget disappear into a big black hole.
We truly believe that Brandbag has a wide appeal – and is a good investment for companies of all kinds,
from small businesses to large corporations. The three of us have each our own unique approach to our product
but we can all vouch for the value it will add to you and your company.

kristoffer ham bag SACKit

The father of SACKit

Kristoffer is the king of bean bags. He talks about them 24/7 simply because he loves his product and his job. He is dedicated to spreading the word about SACKit. With the Brandbag concept he got himself two new playmates.

Manufacturer Ibsen

As the owner of Ibsens Fabrikker Peter is an expert in crazy advertising figures, teddy bears and mascots, inflatable ads with max visual attraction as well as giant copies of well-known products in fibreglass. Why does he want to get involved in Brandbag? Well, that’s obvious isn’t it: Catching peoples’ attention is his passion and he simply can’t help it.

peter fra Ibsens Fabrikker
Michael fra kaek

Daring Dahl

Meet the creative and visual jack-of-all-trades. Michael is in charge of the marketing of Brandbag. When our customers’ ideas and corporate identities have to be translated into bean bag design he is the one who juggles with shapes, colours and files for print. He also runs his own ad shop challenging his customers with daring graphic design for both online and print media.

Free mockup

Would you like to see how your corporate brand translates into bean bag design? Mail your company logo in vector format (AI, eps or pdf), and we will give you a free mockup that shows you what a super cool corporate bean bag you can get.

Gratis mockup